Fwd: Targets for Metalica

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Wed Jul 27 16:25:39 PDT 2005


I have not heard any comments regarding Mario's request.  If I don't hear 
any objections, I will inform Mario he can go forward with his depositions 
on Friday.


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>Subject: Targets for Metalica
>Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 15:05:53 -0700
>Thread-Topic: Targets for Metalica
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>From: "Mario Perez" <mperez at proteusbiomed.com>
>To: "Ed Myers" <edmyers at stanford.edu>
>Hi Ed,
>I was wondering how things were going for the approval of the 3 Pt-Ir 
>targets for Metalica.  I have a reservation for the tool Friday morning 
>and was hoping to do my first deposition then.  Things are starting to get 
>more urgent on my end.
>Mario Perez (mperez)
>MEMS Engineer
>Proteus Biomedical Inc.
>Direct:  (650) 568-0580 x116

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