Fwd: Stabilized Zirconia processing request - PLEASE IGNORE

Jeremy Cheng acopland at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 21:24:10 PDT 2005

Dear SpecMat,

     Please IGNORE this request sent below.  It was originally sent in
march, 2004, but for some reason sat in the Stanford mail queue until
last week and then spontaneously redelivered.  It is an old request
that has already been resolved.

Thank you,
Jeremy Cheng

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From: Jeremy Cheng <acopland at stanford.edu>
Date: Mar 8, 2004 11:59 AM
Subject: Stabilized Zirconia processing request
To: specmat at snf.stanford.edu
Cc: acopland at stanford.edu

I would like to submit this request for the processing of single
crystal stabilized zirconia.  Zirconia is an inert, stable, oxide
ceramic and a microfab compatible, high-K dielectric material:
1. Name: Jeremy Cheng
2. Phone: x5-9936
3. e-mail: acopland at stanford.edu
4. PI: Prof. Fritz Prinz, ME
5. Materials: Yttria-stabilized Zirconia (a.k.a. YSZ, stabilized
zirconia, cubic zirconia)
6. Secondary Materials: none
7. Vendor/ manufacturer: MTI crystal (www.mticrystal.com)
8. http://mticrystal.com/datasheet/YSZ.doc
9. Vendor address:
    2700 Rydin Road, Unit D
    Richmond, CA 94804
   I'd like to study ion damage in these substrates in the ion
implanter.  YSZ exhibits unusually high radiation stability.  If the
implants are successful, we'd like to alternate deposition of this
material from our on-campus sputtering machine with implanting the the
snf implanter.
12. lab equipment: Varian 350-D, wbgeneral
13. quantity: up to about 5 single crystal substrates at a time
14. solid substrate, 1cm X 1cm X 500 micron chip
15. mixed chemicals: none
16. MSDS: http://hazard.com/msds/f2/byg/bygcm.html
17. 99.99% pure
19. Material will not be stored in the lab
20. Material can be disposed with non-hazardous waste. Arsenic
contamination from the implanter is considered to be minimal in
storage and disposal of samples.
Supporting material attached,
thank you,
Jeremy Cheng

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