AP300 adhesion promoter, T1100 rinse solvent

Patrick.J.Waters at seagate.com Patrick.J.Waters at seagate.com
Thu Jun 16 11:55:18 PDT 2005

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Patrick Waters
Seagate Technology
Patrick.J.Waters at seagate.com
Coral login: pwaters


AP3000 adhesion promoter
T1100 rinse solvent
Both are for assisting use of CYCLOTENE dielectric
Manufacter: Dow


Using the Headway manual coater I would like to apply the adhesion 
promoter and the previously requested CYCLOTENE.  First I would like to 
appy the coatings to a 4" silicon wafer.  Same process will hopefully be 
done to a very small brass puck (recently requested).  Samples would then 
be baked on a hot plate or oven and SPR 3612 will be applied using the 
Headway coater.  After bake the samples will then taken to Seagate to be 


If possible we would like to store a small amount of the chemicals at SNF, 
maybe a few weeks in as small of bottles as possible to conserve space.
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