new chemical request: 1-propanol

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I have looked through the MSDS for this chemical but didn't find  
one.  It's for 1-propanol, very similar to 2-propanol.


Contact Information:
Bree Sharratt
coral login: bree
office: 550-555C
office phone: 650 725 2634
mobile phone: 650 283 4835
home phone: 408 252 5545
email: sharratt at
PI: Prof. Reinhold H. Dauskardt (Materials Science & Engineering)

MSDS attached at the bottom of this email.

Chemical name: 1-Propanol
Product name: 1-Propanol
SYNONYM: 1-Propanol, 99+%, spectrophotometric grade
SYNONYM: N-Propanol
SYNONYM: N-Propyl alcohol
SYNONYM: Propanol
SYNONYM: Propyl alcohol

1-Propanol    CAS# 71-23-8    100%

Stanford Chemical Storage Group: L: Non-Reactive Flammables and  
Combustibles, including solvents
Main Hazard Class: flammable
Additional Hazards: 14 Slightly toxic, 15 Flammable, 27 Suspect  
carcinogen/mutagen, 32 Skin irritant, 37 Hepatotoxin, 39 Neurotoxin,  
41 Lung irritant, 42 Eye irritant, 45 Skin-absorbable poison

Secondary Chemicals Used with this Chemical:
n-Propyl Titanate
n-Propyl Zirconate

Supplier Information:
Alfa Aesar, A Johnson Matthey Company
Johnson Matthey Catalog Company, Inc.
30 Bond St
Ward Hill, MA 01835-8099

emergency: 978 521 6300
CHEMTREC: 800 424 9300

Reason for Request:

This chemical will be used to make 0.1% solutions of n-propyl  
titanate and n-propyl zirconate adhesion promoters.  These adhesion  
promoter solutions will be spun onto glass slides and wafer pieces.

Process Flow:
For wafer pieces (Si/thermal SiO2/PECVD SiNx):
1. wbgeneral - clean wafer pieces in 50:1 HF, water rinse and blow  
dry with N2, box
2. wbsolvent - mix 1 part n-propyl zirconate:700 parts 1-propanol or  
1 part n-propyl titanate:1000 parts 1-propanoll - bottle, cap securely
3. transport adhesion promoter solution, in cart, to laurel
4. laurel - spin-coat onto wafer pieces
For glass slides (UV ozone cleaned and boxed in 550-553B):
1. sts - deposit 200 nm SiNx
2. wbsolvent - mix 1 part n-propyl titanate:700 parts n-propanol -  
bottle, cap and bag
3. transport adhesion promoter solution, in cart, to laurel
4. laurel - spin-coat onto slides

Amount and Form:
1L bottle liquid form

** will NOT be stored at SNF **

Liquid waste will be collected locally and properly labeled; solid  
waste (gloves, wipes, etc) will be double bagged and properly labeled

1. MSDS for 1-propanol

Bree M Sharratt
PhD Candidate
Stanford University

office:     650 725 2634
mobile:  650 283 4835
sharratt at

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