RF sputtering of ZnCdS in Metalica

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Tue Mar 1 15:40:33 PST 2005


Go ahead with your Friday deposition.  Please let Jeannie Perez know of 
your plans.


At 11:56 AM 2/28/2005, Zheng Wang wrote:
>Dear Specmat Committee,
>To minimize the cross contamination of ZnCdS sputtering to the Metalica 
>system, we have tried the TXRF analysis once by hanging two pieces of 
>wafers in-situ. These two pieces of wafers were from Jeanine. One had gold 
>stripes from Innotec, the other was taken from the stock room.
>The TXRF result gives a wide range of contaminations, which is more than 
>we expected. After consulting with Jim McVittie, we think it might be 
>worth to re-test the system with a pre-diffusion level cleaned wafer NOT a 
>dirty wafer or a wafer directly from the stock room.
>At the same time we are making efforts to surround our dedicated wafer 
>holder with a aluminum skirt and reconfigure the plasma igniter.
>I tentatively make a reservation on Metalica this Friday 9-1 pm.
>Please give me the permission.

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