Ammonium Sulfide at wbgen

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Mar 8 07:17:55 PST 2005

Hi All --

 From what I glean from the MSDS, this is pretty handle-able stuff.  
However, contact with acid liberates gas (probably ammonia and H2S -- 
not nice) and is pretty flammable. 

Depending on what Abhijit says about his usage/process, I suggest we 
recommend the following:

1.  If he plans to store at SNF, he should not bring in more than a 500 
ml bottle.  This should be registered with a chemical inventory tag 
(Mahnaz and Ed have these) and should be stored in the Flammables 
cabinet with other compatible personal chemicals.

2.  This dip should be done at wbgeneral.  If the solution is dilute and 
there is not much of it (say, less than 1% ammonium sulfide, no more 
than 100 ml), then it can be aspirated.  If more concentrated and larger 
volume, then waste should be collected locally.

This stuff will stink badly, so a warning to make sure that there are no 
drips or spills, and make sure there is no inadvertent contact, is 

What do you all think?


Abhijit Pethe wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to study the effect of S-passivation on surfaces. For 
> this reason I want to use Ammonium Sulfide solution as a reagent. 
> Typical processing includes 20min dip in aqueous Ammonium Sulfide 
> solution ((NH4)2S) @ 50C followed by a water rinse. I would then like 
> to load these samples into the Innotec e-gun evaporator. I have 
> attached a MSDS for Ammonium Sulfide from Alfa Aesar with this email 
> for your reference.
> Please let me know if this can be done and if there are any 
> precautions I need to follow.
> Thanks
> Abhijit

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