Bringing in Al2O3 from outside vendor

Brewer, Rhett T rhett.t.brewer at
Mon Mar 14 16:52:19 PST 2005

I would like to bring in Al2O3 on SiO2 into semi clean equipment in SNF.
These wafers were processed in an Atomic Layer Deposition reactor at

These machines are regularly used to grow films that go into Intel's fab
in Santa Clara.


I have attached recent TXRF data of a film from this chamber.


TXRF shows nd (not detected) for Cu, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni.


The TXRF counts for K, Co, and Zn are attributed to overlapping peaks
with Hf, which was in the dielectric grown for this experiment.

Time of Flight Simms data (at the bottom of the page) shows no Na, K,
Co, Cu, or Zn.


Based on these results, I would like permission to introduce Al2O3 grown
in this chamber (which uses semiconductor grade trimethylaluminum - TMA
as the precursor) into the silicide wet bench for cleaning, followed by
the P5000 for dry etching.


I have tool time Tuesday at 3.  If there is an objection, please send an
e-mail.  I will also speak with members of the committee individually
before I start.


Thank you.




Rhett Brewer

Intel Corporation

work: 408-765-8254

cell: 408-655-3448

rhett.t.brewer at <mailto:rhett.t.brewer at> 


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