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These are two different samples from two separate reactors.  Only one,
but not both are necessary, although electrically, the films from
reactor 2 are better.  The wafers are set on a piece of cleaned quartz
or Si regardless of which reactor they use.  The reactors are research
reactors that put down several types of films,  so the Fe, Ti, or Hf may
come from residue from those other processes.  I spoke with Ed and he
indicated that if I could wet clean these first at WBgeneral that could
be a potential solution.  Is there any knowledge about what SC1/SC2 does
to Al2O3?







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   What do Reactor 1 and Reactor 2 refer to?  Two different samples from
two different sources?  Why is there Ti and Fe in them?    And Hf in one
of them?    -mike

At 01:41 PM 3/18/2005, Brewer, Rhett T wrote:

I have contamination data from another Al2O3 process that I wanted to
bring into the semi-clean equipment group.  There are actually two
process from separate chambers.
This film would go into tystar P-doped poly - 580C (3500A), P5000 (poly
etch, Al etch chambers), wbmetal for cleaning and resist strip, RTA 4108
(I think that is the number) for 700C, 2 min anneal, gryphon for Al
coating, P5000 for etching Al, then tylan fga for 400C forming gas
anneal (10 min).
I apologize for requesting a quick response, but I have a process on
hold waiting for the green light - I was only yesterday able to get a
hold of this data.  At the very least please let me know when I might
have a semi-official response.
Thank you.
Rhett Brewer
Intel Corporation
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