Al2O3 film - cleaned - need quick yes or no - holding up process - please respond by mid day Tuesday if possible

Brewer, Rhett T rhett.t.brewer at
Mon Mar 21 17:35:11 PST 2005



I have attached data for Al2O3 films that I would like to bring into
SNF.  These films have been cleaned with an H2O2:HCl clean in my
dedicated beakers and would always receive the same process before
introduction to the fabrication tools.


I would like approval for these wafers (Al2O3 thin film on the surface,
with the given contamination levels) to experience the following
processing at SNF:


This film would go into tystar P-doped poly - 580C (3500A), P5000 (poly
etch, Al etch chambers), wbmetal for cleaning and resist strip, RTA 4108
(I think that is the number) for 700C, 2 min anneal, gryphon for Al
coating, P5000 for etching Al, then tylan fga for 400C forming gas
anneal (10 min).


Note all wet cleans could be done in my own beakers if necessary -
although I would prefer to use the benches.


I would greatly appreciate a response by just after lunch tomorrow.


Best Regards,





Rhett Brewer

Intel Corporation

work: 408-765-8254

cell: 408-655-3448

rhett.t.brewer at <mailto:rhett.t.brewer at> 


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