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This is the most recent data from my Al2O3 which is on hold.





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I have contamination data from another Al2O3 process that I wanted to
bring into the semi-clean equipment group.  There are actually two
process from separate chambers.


This film would go into tystar P-doped poly - 580C (3500A), P5000 (poly
etch, Al etch chambers), wbmetal for cleaning and resist strip, RTA 4108
(I think that is the number) for 700C, 2 min anneal, gryphon for Al
coating, P5000 for etching Al, then tylan fga for 400C forming gas
anneal (10 min).


I apologize for requesting a quick response, but I have a process on
hold waiting for the green light - I was only yesterday able to get a
hold of this data.  At the very least please let me know when I might
have a semi-official response.


Thank you.







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Intel Corporation

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