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Committee Members,

There was an impromptu hallway meeting concerning Rhett's latest 
request.  The summary of the meeting is as follows.

1) While the contamination level has been reduced a couple of order of 
magnitude it is still 10x higher than the recommended 2-3x the detection 
2) All cleans need to be done in Rhett's dedicated beakers
3) A 0.5um, 4% phosphors doped coating layer must be put down following the 
product deposition.
4) RTA annealing can be done in the 4108 using the silicide tool configuration.

Due to the push to get agreement, a 12 noon deadline has been 
implemented.  If you have any concerns over this proposed processing, 
please respond by the deadline.


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>This is the most recent data from my Al2O3 which is on hold.
>From: Brewer, Rhett T
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>Subject: Al2O3 - urgent
>I have contamination data from another Al2O3 process that I wanted to 
>bring into the semi-clean equipment group.  There are actually two process 
>from separate chambers.
>This film would go into tystar P-doped poly – 580C (3500A), P5000 (poly 
>etch, Al etch chambers), wbmetal for cleaning and resist strip, RTA 4108 
>(I think that is the number) for 700C, 2 min anneal, gryphon for Al 
>coating, P5000 for etching Al, then tylan fga for 400C forming gas anneal 
>(10 min).
>I apologize for requesting a quick response, but I have a process on hold 
>waiting for the green light – I was only yesterday able to get a hold of 
>this data.  At the very least please let me know when I might have a 
>semi-official response.
>Thank you.
>Rhett Brewer
>Intel Corporation
>work: 408-765-8254
>cell: 408-655-3448
><mailto:rhett.t.brewer at intel.com>rhett.t.brewer at intel.com
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