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As you know I am planning to bring a Pd, Si, O layer into SNF, possibly
covered with Al2O3.  My group is working hard to create a reliable,
contamination free process for compatibility with the semi-clean
equipment group at SNF.


My recent experience trying to get the Al2O3 into SNF has made it
evident that the current process has a significant negative impact on my
ability to meet my deadlines.  Once my next set of films is ready,
things will have to move very quickly and my project can not afford to
wait in limbo to know if the contamination levels are acceptable.
Additionally, you have other things to do than respond to my project
emergency as I solicit expedited approval. 


I would like to propose a solution.  My SNF process is listed below.
Please look at this process, consider the contamination issues, set
contamination levels that I must satisfy to obtain access to my desired
equipment, and send me the specs.


Once our process is cleaned up we will run TXRF.  If we meet your specs
then I will send you an e-mail with the TXRF and wait 1 full work day
for any last minute objections before I begin processing at SNF,
assuming specmat is satisfied.  If I don't meet your spec, then I will
know it immediately and work to do better, instead of wasting time
wondering if I need to do better and waiting for a response.


This is my proposal.  I would welcome a counter proposal.  For my
situation, the lag in the current materials approval process is a
significant bottle neck that I can not afford.


Thank you.






Process for incoming film (in addition to lithography steps):


tystar P-doped poly - 580C (3500A), P5000 (poly etch, Al etch chambers),
wbgeneral (dedicated quartzware), tylanpsg (LTO at 400C), RTA 4108 (I
think that is the number) for 700C, 2 min anneal, AMT 8100 (oxide etch),
gasonics, gryphon for Al coating, P5000 for etching Al, then tylan fga
for 400C forming gas anneal (10 min).





Rhett Brewer

Intel Corporation

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