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According to Sze's table, Mn has a deep level in Si at 0.54ev from 
conduction band, which would make it a prohibited material in 
SCT.  Attached is a reference to this (although rather dated).  However, 
occasionally these values are suspect.  For example we allow Co in even 
though the same table shows a deep level for it as well (more recent work 
shows that Co is similar to Ni, Ti, etc.).  I did a quick literature search 
and didn't find much either way regarding Mn.   If Betty can come up with 
some literature results showing that Mn does not cause problems (leakage, 
etc.) in Si  and/or doesnt' have a deep level, and is different from Au, 
Fe, and Cu, then it should be okay.

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>Hi Mary,
>Yesterday, I tried to send the attached formal request (MSWord document) to
>the Special Materials Committee via the web-link on the CIS Materials page.
>Unfortunately, the e-mail bounced back. So I am sending this to you
>directly. Please forward the materials request to others on your committee.
>Betty Young (Physics)
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