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There appears to be no question that Mn can form deep (0.51 and 0.50eV) trap levels in Si.
See abstract below.  I will talk to Peter Griffin about the likelyhood of forming the observed Mn-B complexes.   Jim

Deep impurity levels and diffusion coefficient of manganese in silicon
H Nakashima, K Hashimoto - Cited by 1 - Web Search
>/> Deep impurity levels and diffusion coefficient of manganese in silicon. [Journal
of Applied Physics 69, 1440 (1991)]. H. Nakashima, K. Hashimoto. Abstract. ...
Journal of Applied Physics, 1991 - link.aip.org - adsabs.harvard.edu

Manganese-related deep levels in n- and p-type silicon have been investigated by deep
level transient spectroscopy and Hall effect. Two electron traps of Ec–(0.12±0.01) eV
and Ec–(0.41±0.01) eV, and a hole trap of Ev+(0.32±0.01) eV are found in manganese-doped
silicon. The energy levels of these traps correspond to the transitions between four
charge states (Mn–, Mn0, Mn + , Mn + + ) of interstitial manganese. An additional
donor-type electron trap of Ec–(0.51±0.02) eV is observed in the n-type samples, and
the trap can be tentatively assigned to substitutional manganese. Furthermore, an
electron trap of Ec–(0.50±0.02) eV is observed for n + p junction samples diffused with
manganese in boron-doped p-type silicon. The trap is attributed to the manganese-boron
complex, which is formed owing to the pairing reaction of interstitial manganese and
substitutional boron. From the investigation of the pairing reaction, the diffusion
coefficient DMn of interstitial manganese is determined in the temperature range 14–90 °C.
 It can be represented by the expression DMn=2.4×10–3 exp(–0.72/kT)cm2 s–1. Journal of
Applied Physics is copyrighted by The American Institute of Physics.

Other Papers:
Diffusion of manganese in silicon studied by deep-level transient spectroscopy and tracer 

D Gilles, W Bergholz, W Schroeter - Cited by 2 - Web Search
>/> Diffusion of manganese in silicon studied by deep-level transient spectroscopy
and tracer measurements. [Journal of Applied Physics 59, 3590 (1986)]. ...
Journal of Applied Physics, 1986 - link.aip.org - adsabs.harvard.edu

Energy level of the 0 to+ charge transition of substitutional manganese in silicon
R Czaputa, H Feichtinger, J Oswald, H Sitter, M 
 - Cited by 2 - Find It @ Stanford - Web Search
Energy Level of the 0 to + Charge Transition of Substitutional Manganese in
Silicon. R. Czaputa, H. Feichtinger, and J. Oswald Institut ...
Physical Review Letters, 1985 - link.aps.org - adsabs.harvard.edu - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Jim McVittie wrote:

> Betty,
> My number one concern with Mn is its reported impurity level at 0.53 eV reported by Sze in 1969. Sze's data is not
> always accurate in that he reports that Ge in Si has a deep level at 0.5 eV, which has not been seen in SiGe
> devices. I would say the best thing you could do to get Mn into the SCT dep tool would be to see what levels other
> researchers have found for Mn in Si. Or better yet, find some Si device paper where Mn is contact with Si did not
> degarde carrier lifetime. Note that Goetzberger's gounp using capacitor studies in 1972 found that Mn had levels at
> 0.43 and 0.45eV. Since lifetime depends exponentially on the difference between the trap level and the mid-gap
> energy (0.55eV), going from 0.53eV to 0.45ev is a big deal.
> Regarding the effect of Mn on GaAs mobility, it has little or no meaning for Si devices.
>     Jim
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