honeywell phos spin on dopant

artyjamo at artyjamo at
Wed May 11 19:47:44 PDT 2005


   I would like to ask for approval to bring in a new chemical.  it is made by Honeywell, and it is a Diffusion technology phosphorus spin on dopant P-8 Series.  The generic name for it is Phosphosilicate polymer in alcohol/ester solution.       I want to dope some si substrates by spinning this stuff on in the Headway spinner.  Hotplate baking it at 150 deg,  do an RTA @ 700-1100 degrees in the table top gold contaminated RTA systems, and then strip it off in BOE.

I gave Mahnaz a copy of the MSDS sheet .  I have not been able to get a soft copy - sorry


-Aleta Jamora


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