honeywell phos spin on dopant

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Thu May 12 08:45:42 PDT 2005

Hi Aleta --

Please provide the relevant information as outlined here:

(i.e., Do you plan on storing this chemical at SNF?  If so, how much and 
for how long?  How do you plan to get rid of waste?  How long it the 
hotplate bake?  And where do you plan to strip it off in BOE?  If you 
have purity spec on this (is it electronics grade?), that would be helpful.)



artyjamo at wrote:

>   I would like to ask for approval to bring in a new chemical.  it is made by Honeywell, and it is a Diffusion technology phosphorus spin on dopant P-8 Series.  The generic name for it is Phosphosilicate polymer in alcohol/ester solution.       I want to dope some si substrates by spinning this stuff on in the Headway spinner.  Hotplate baking it at 150 deg,  do an RTA @ 700-1100 degrees in the table top gold contaminated RTA systems, and then strip it off in BOE.
>I gave Mahnaz a copy of the MSDS sheet .  I have not been able to get a soft copy - sorry
>-Aleta Jamora

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