FGA of contaminated samples

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Tue May 17 09:52:05 PDT 2005

SpecMat Members,

This is the request which initiated the discussion last week concerning FGA 
of "dirty" samples.  My action item was to find out what it would take to 
add FGA capability to TYLAN4.  According to Ted, this is not a simple 
solution.  We run pure hydrogen to the tubes, and dilute in the 
recipe.  The problem is the safety interlocks on the Tylans.  We can not 
run hydrogen by itself without changing the firmware of the system.

Any thoughts or comments?

Has there been any decision on the topic of metals in the FGA? Especially 
those that were deposited in the Innotec or Ginzton, specifically W/Ti or Al.

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