Graphite sputtering in metalica

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Tue May 24 14:49:15 PDT 2005

To Spec Mat Committee


I'd like to see whether it would be acceptable to sputter graphite in
metalica.  I would also like to sputter graphite predoped with metals
that are already approved for us in metalica such as (Ti, Cu, Au, Cr,
Al, Ir, Pt, W or Mo).


These targets should be fairly conductive to start with and the doped
targets should be even more conductive.  There are numerous references
in the literature to carbon films deposited using DC magnetron
sputtering so I think this process should be feasible.


Thank you for your consideration


Nathan Franklin, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist

Intel Corporation

SC 11-234

2200 Mission College Blvd.

Santa Clara, CA 95052-8119

Phone: (408) 765-2219

Fax: (408) 653-8170

1)      Contact information:

a)      Nathan Franklin, coral login- franklin, 408-765-2219 or
650-291-7697-cell, Nathan.r.franklin at, Intel Corporation

2)      The chemical or material. 

a)      Graphite or carbon.

b)      and

c)      Graphite doped with metals already approved for use in SNF and
metalica (Ti, Cu, Au, Cr, Al, Ir, Pt, W or Mo)

3)      Vendor/manufacturer info: 

a)      Plasmaterials has agreed to make targets for me 1" in diameter
by 1/8" thick

i)        PLASMATERIALS, Inc.

ii)       2268 Research Drive

iii)     Livermore, CA.  94550

iv)     PH: 925.447.4030 

b)      with metal dopant concentrations vary from 0-10% mole fraction

4)      Reason for request: 

a)      My process requires semi metal with tunable conductivity in the
range of 100 ohm-cm to 0.1 ohm-cm)

b)      Doped silicon does not meet the material requirements of my
project, while graphite does

c)      There are various issues involved with carbon sputtering.  Most
of which are related to the anisotropic electrical properties of
graphite sheets.  This reference outlines the various issues and typical
operating procedures used to avoid problems


ii)       These issues are not as likely when using a doped graphite
target since the conductivity of the material is much higher to start

5)      Process Flow: Graphite and metal doped graphite are only to be
used in metalica.  Further processing is already severely limited since
metalica is already a gold contaminated instrument.  Some litho may be
done films after deposition.

6)      Amount and form. The targets will be the same size normally used
on metalica, 1" diameter by 1/8" thick.  These are solid targets
requiring no mixing.  I will provide my own targets, and would be
willing to provide a graphite only target for use in the lab if so
desired.  I can also develop a recipe on how to deposit graphite and
publish this for general use in SNF if so desired by SpecMate.

7)       Storage: Material will be stored in a manner similar to other
sputter targets

8)      DIsposal: No excess waste or chemical material is expected.
Graphite is non hazardous and the metal doped graphite could be disposed
of in a manner similar to the pure metal if so necessary.

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