Graphite sputtering in metalica

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Thanks for your very quick response on my request to sputter Carbon on
metalica.  Your concerns on long term sputtering are highlighted in the

Resolving Carbon Sputter Issues

My target film thickness is roughly ~10nm, so I hope indeed that this
will be considered a "small amount of C sputtering."  

I agree that for optimal sputtering, RF of pulsed operation would be
ideal.  From what I've been told metalica is not capable of RF
operation.  But is there some form of pulsed dc sputtering that is
possible?  The duty cycle mentioned in the above reference is 4 seconds
on, 1 second off.  A programmable pulse generator coupled to a "metalica
dc on/off switch" could possibly accomplish this.  If this is not a
feasible option, I'm very happy to do low power C sputtering for short

Please let me know how to proceed.

Thank you
Nathan Franklin

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I do not think a small amount of C sputtering will cause problems to the
Metalica. Sputtering C is not quite the same as sputtering a metal.
Reposition of C on the target leads to nodule growth which intefers with
the sputtering process. Rf or pulsing is usually added for long term C


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