[Fwd: tungsten/glass furnace]

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Wed Nov 9 11:37:11 PST 2005

Hmmm....  Well, we do have the little furnace in the wafersaw room which
large enough and could  get up to these temperatures.  It is not currently
set up for inert atmosphere, although we could pump N2 into it...  If this
were standard processing, I would think that a reputable glass shop could
do this.  But I'm just not sure you can take a bunch of glass chips and
melt them and expect them to nicely fill a mold without some poking and
prodding.  I'm also not sure you can mold pyrex in a tungsten mold -- the
thermal expansion coefficients are so different.  It would be nice to know
if they have established a procedure or know of one...  What does everyone
else think?


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