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Hope all is doing well. I would like to do a focused ion beam (using SNL FIB
at Stanford) in between two steps of my process. FIB is very similar to ion
implant as it bombards the surface with energetic atoms. Outside ion
implanted samples are used in our lab after their corresponding diffusion or
silicide clean. The difference between FIB and implantations is that the
atoms are not buried into the sample in FIB since they are used to sputter
away where they impinge on the surface. I would like to use the FIB
processed wafers in the following detailed flow:


1.	Start with Si wafers
2.	Prediff clean
3.	Thermal oxidation
4.	FIB process to remove very tiny bits of SiO2
5.	diffusion clean (if diff clean is not ok, I can live with silicide
clean as well)
6.	tylan SiGe deposition
7.	tylanbpsg deposition
8.	lithography
9.	metal evaporation and lift-off


Thanks so much for your attention. I look forward to hearing from you.



Ali K. Okyay

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