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Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 14 09:04:12 PST 2005

Hi Bo Liu --

Could you tell us a little more about your process?  Are you etching
dielectrics?  If so, I'm pretty sure that the stsetch would not be the best
system for you, because the chemistry does not etch dielectrics well at all
(it's used for its high selectivity of resists and oxide to silicon

If you are etching BCB, then I think you'll probably be better off with
drytek2 or pquest, although the MRC might do just as well.  If you could
let us know your process requirements, perhaps we can help determine which
system and chemistry might work for you.

I am also not sure which systems have been qualified to use BCB.  I can
double-check, but am pretty sure that stsetch is not one of them.  Do you
have any references or application notes which might help describe your



Quoting Bo Liu <bliu03 at yahoo.com>:

> Dear Ms. Tang,
> Nancy suggests me to contact you for training on dry etcher as she will
> take vacation starting from today.
> For my process, I will have thick PR (such as SPR22-7) on spin-on
> dielectrics such as cyclotene (the total stack thickness can be up to
> 20um). I need to perform deep RIE etching through the cyclotene layer.
> Based on the information from your website, I need the equipment of
> either STS deep RIE etcher or MRC model 55 RIE etcher. Could you please
> arrange the training for me. I prefer to arrange it at your earliest
> convenient time. It can be anytime except next Wednesday as I will have a
> training with Uli.
> Please correct me if any part of my info is not right.
> I appreciate your coming help.
> Bob Liu
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