SpecMat Items, 11/22/05

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 21 10:21:41 PST 2005


Looks like we are pretty lean for this week's specmat meeting.  There are a 
number of items, however the requesters need to provide more information 
before we can make an informed decision.  I don't think we need a meeting 
as long as we resolve the following question, by email.

There is one item, which we should be able to resolve.  It involves bring a 
sample back in to the fab after focused ion beam etching.  I don't see a 
problem if they stay in the gold contaminated equipment set, but one 
process flow has them going in to the SiGe tube.  The users of the SiGe 
tube are going to provide windows for deposition on metal wafers, but these 
wafers have never left the fab.  Below is the process flow for the original 

    * Start with Si wafers
    * Prediff clean
    * Thermal oxidation
    * FIB process to remove very tiny bits of SiO2
    * diffusion clean (if diff clean is not ok, I can live with silicide 
clean as well)
    * tylan SiGe deposition
    * tylanbpsg deposition
    * lithography
    * metal evaporation and lift-off
Recommendation:  I don't think the SiGe people will allow his wafer in to 
their furnace.  Since he does have an amended process flow where the FIB 
work is done later in the process leaving only litho and metal evaporation, 
we should approve this process.

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