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Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Nov 21 15:29:58 PST 2005

Hey Ed, et al --

Did we resolve this?  She's just been trained on STS, but I really do think
that drytek is better for her application.  No only does she have pieces
(?) but it appears that her criterion of highest selectivity possible isn't
really all that important after all.  Basically, though, we need to tell her
how she can deposit poly and where she can etch it and clean the resist.
(I'm presuming we can consider this all semiclean?)


Quoting Yan Zhu <yzhu at>:

> Hi,
> I have some process like this: Dry oxide + Ti (Gryphon) + LTO, (Ti is
> cover with LTO) and then I need deposit 2500A poly si, which machine I
> can use to deposit poly? After the photo process, I need to etch Poly and
> stop at oxide, may I use STS DRIE for this?
> Thanks
> Yan Zhu
> yzhu at

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