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Wed Nov 23 14:51:04 PST 2005


I have asked some process last week, they will be: Dry oxide + Ti
(Gryphon) + LTO, (Ti is cover with LTO) and then I need deposit poly si,
which machine I can use to deposit poly? After the photo process, I wish
to etch poly and stop at oxide, then use amtetcher to etch oxide and stop
at si substrate. The poly thickness will be around 2500A, because it is
the gate poly, so the feature size is 1um. The underlying LTO is not
important, because they also need to be etched away with Amtetcher. Later
on, the process just is deposit thick oxide and make contact for metal
pattern. The sample I processed are mainly pieces.

So I still have two concerns: 1. is the STS DRIE best choice for poly
etching. 2. how to deal with pieces with Amtetcher.

Thanks for your consideration.
Yan zhu

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