ALD HfO2 in Prof. McIntyre's Lab

Ed Myers edmyers at
Wed Oct 5 09:07:41 PDT 2005


I looked over your request.  SpecMat has established TXRF limits for our 
Clean and SemiClean classifications.  Unfortunately, your data shows you 
slightly higher than the allowed contamination limits (1E12 
atoms/cm2).  Since one of the offenders is iron, I am reluctant to 
recommend approval of your sample.  Is there a chance the system could be 
cleaned to clear up some of the contamination?


At 10:59 AM 10/4/2005, Ching-Huang Lu wrote:
>Dear Committee,
>Raghav and I  have been trying to build transistors with ALD HfO2 in Prof. 
>McIntyre's Lab.
>We would like to get this ALD film certified so that we can start the 
>processing in the semi-clean tools.
>Attached please find the TXRF data file. This TXRF data obtained on our 
>ALD HfO2 shows that the film is pretty clean.
>Please let us know if you have any question or need more information.

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