[Fwd: approved materials for headway/karlsuss]

Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Sep 6 09:12:51 PDT 2005

Hi Simon/Mahnaz --

Although in principle, it should be safe to use, could we get a little 
more information?  CaF has been used in the lab, but there are a couple 
of concerns with patterning it...

1.  Could we get a process flow?  Will the CaF be cleaned in the lab 
prior to lithography?  After lithography, will it be etched in the lab?
2.  What are the dimensions of the CaF substrate?  (The contact aligners 
[and even the headway] can tolerate only a limited range of substrate 
3.  And just out of curiosity, what are the general dimensions of the 
features to be patterned and with what alignment precision, if any?



Mahnaz Mansourpour wrote:

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> Subject: 	approved materials for headway/karlsuss
> Date: 	Fri, 2 Sep 2005 09:43:06 -0700
> From: 	Simon Fishel <sfishel at stanford.edu>
> To: 	'Mahnaz Mansourpour' <mahnaz at snf.stanford.edu>
>I was wondering if calcium fluoride glass is an approved substrate for
>use in the headway and the karlsuss.  Please let me know.

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