Fwd: Selenious acid in fab

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 6 14:29:41 PDT 2005

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>To: Ed Myers <edmyers at stanford.edu>
>From: Carl Faulkner <cmfaulkn at snf.stanford.edu>
>Subject: Selenious acid in fab
>I would like to try duplicating a result from a paper using selenium to 
>passivate the silicon surface.  This requires dissolving small quantities 
>of selenious acid in methanol (ending PH 4.5 or ~0.5mg Se/cc of 
>solution).  I would do this in personal labware (and either WBgeneral or 
>WBsolvent?) and the resulting wafer would only go into the Innotec 
>afterwards to be capped with Al (at that point there should be less than a 
>monolayer of Se terminating the Si dangling bonds present).  At the 
>moment, I only wish to try it so the quantities would be small.  If it 
>works, we would wish to run more wafers with different metals, though most 
>of the metals I can think of using are ones I deposit at Berkeley.  The 
>problem I see is that selenious acid is toxic and would generate hazardous 
>waste.  For the initial experiment, I would only generate ~300ml of 
>solution plus additional methanol to clean out the beaker.
>MSDS at https://fscimage.fishersci.com/msds/88641.htm

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