SpecMat Log Sheet 9/27/05

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 27 10:48:40 PDT 2005


We have two new items for this week.  Lets try and do this by email instead 
of holding todays meeting.

Item 1)  I'd like to request approval to bring wafers with deposited 
aluminum nitride (AlN) film into the SNF clean room.  I hope this is OK 
since users are specifically using AlN in place of PZT for its CMOS 
compatibility in building piezoelectric sensors.  The film actually 
consists of a Mo-AlN-Mo (molybdenum and aluminum nitride) stack.  The tools 
that we expect to be using are: svgcoat, EValign/KarlSuss, svgdev, drytek2, 
AMT, wbmetal, gasonics and STSetch (any exposed metal will be fully 
encapsulated by photoresist, a method previously approved by Jim McVittie)

Comments: Since Ben wants to run down the clean equipment set.  This means 
he needs to prove the cleanliness of the deposition by TXRF.  I will send 
out an email on Friday, Oct. 7th detailing the need for TXRF, or 
verification the film comes from an approved supplier if I don't hear any 

Item 2)  Our process requires Cl-etching of Al stopping on Mg.  Mg has 
shown that it does not etch in F-chemistry here and Cl-chemistry (Al,Ti, 
TiN, TaN etches) at ATDF.  ATDF ran contamination checks and were satisfied 
that Mg did not pose a contamination risk to their mainline metal 
etcher.  The chemistry I plan to use is BCl3 and Cl2 with a 40-80W RF 
power.  In light of the contamination study, I would like to resubmit our 
request for Mg in the pquest.

Comment:  Carl has provided VPD-ICP-MS data for the wafers.  The data meets 
our definition of Clean even though he wishes to run through the pQuest.  I 
will give Jim a copy of the data.  If I don't hear any reason we can't 
approve this request by Friday, Oct. 7th I will send out an approval email.

Item 3)  Is a carry over concerning cleaning pots for Ge.  I will set a 
meeting with Mary and Nancy to come up with a strategy and propose it to 
SpecMat by Friday Oct. 7th.

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