SpecMat Log Sheet 9/27/05

Michael Deal mdeal at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 27 11:12:36 PDT 2005

I have no problem with these conditions.    -mike

At 10:48 AM 9/27/2005, Ed Myers wrote:
>We have two new items for this week.  Lets try and do this by email 
>instead of holding todays meeting.
>Item 1)  I'd like to request approval to bring wafers with deposited 
>aluminum nitride (AlN) film into the SNF clean room.  I hope this is OK 
>since users are specifically using AlN in place of PZT for its CMOS 
>compatibility in building piezoelectric sensors.  The film actually 
>consists of a Mo-AlN-Mo (molybdenum and aluminum nitride) stack.  The 
>tools that we expect to be using are: svgcoat, EValign/KarlSuss, svgdev, 
>drytek2, AMT, wbmetal, gasonics and STSetch (any exposed metal will be 
>fully encapsulated by photoresist, a method previously approved by Jim 
>Comments: Since Ben wants to run down the clean equipment set.  This means 
>he needs to prove the cleanliness of the deposition by TXRF.  I will send 
>out an email on Friday, Oct. 7th detailing the need for TXRF, or 
>verification the film comes from an approved supplier if I don't hear any 
>Item 2)  Our process requires Cl-etching of Al stopping on Mg.  Mg has 
>shown that it does not etch in F-chemistry here and Cl-chemistry (Al,Ti, 
>TiN, TaN etches) at ATDF.  ATDF ran contamination checks and were 
>satisfied that Mg did not pose a contamination risk to their mainline 
>metal etcher.  The chemistry I plan to use is BCl3 and Cl2 with a 40-80W 
>RF power.  In light of the contamination study, I would like to resubmit 
>our request for Mg in the pquest.
>Comment:  Carl has provided VPD-ICP-MS data for the wafers.  The data 
>meets our definition of Clean even though he wishes to run through the 
>pQuest.  I will give Jim a copy of the data.  If I don't hear any reason 
>we can't approve this request by Friday, Oct. 7th I will send out an 
>approval email.
>Item 3)  Is a carry over concerning cleaning pots for Ge.  I will set a 
>meeting with Mary and Nancy to come up with a strategy and propose it to 
>SpecMat by Friday Oct. 7th.

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