SpecMat Logsheet, 4/24/06

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 24 14:23:06 PDT 2006


We only have 1 new request for this week.  Let's try and do this by 
email.  If there are no concerns returned to me by Thursday (4/27), I will 
go with the recommendation.

1) Film:  200 nm sputtered W from LGAfilms.  Substrate:  Thermal Oxide / Si 
for tests, then quartz 100 mm wafers.  Gasses:  SF6-N2.  Power:  both 
literature and Drytek4 data indicate that low powers are adequate (50 watts 
in Drytek4).  Etch Mask:  EBeam resist (MaN negative resist)
I am currently experimenting with etching W in Drytek4 with 
SF6-N2.  Results are promising and I will continue in Drytek4 if the recipe 
proves suitable for deep sub-micron dimensions.  However, both my 
experience and the literature indicate that lower pressures than are 
possible in Drytek4 may be required.  The  P5000 can operate at somewhat 
lower pressure than Drytek4, but still ~10 X higher than is easily 
available in PQuest. In addition, transparent quartz substrates are a 
problem for the P5000 wafer handler.

Allow the W etch in the PQuest during the fluorine week.

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