Process question

Ed Myers edmyers at
Tue Aug 1 10:28:20 PDT 2006


No poyimide is not allowed in the LTO tube.


At 02:55 AM 8/1/2006, Rishi Kant wrote:

>We are in ME342 and we have a question about our process. We have a sandwich
>of Al-Cured Polyimid-Al and we need to deposit an oxide layer on top of it
>and then take it to P5000.
>Is it okay to put these wafers in the LTO tube? The polyimide is fully
>covered with Al.
>If this is going to cause too much trouble, we can deposit our oxide using
>PECVD method. However, we need to do our etches in the P5000 chamber. Will
>it be okay to do so after coming from the PECVD tube?
>We are running very close to our class deadline, and would like to run these
>wafers as soon as possible. A quick response would be very much appreciated.

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