Specmat request for AP410 adhesion promoter

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Thu Aug 17 07:20:28 PDT 2006

Hi all --

This should be fine, as this or a very similar set of compounds is 
approved already...  (Is that right, Mahnaz?)  The components are pretty 
standard.  As long as it is used as an adhesion promoter at headway or 
laurell, I think it should be fine.  (As an organosilicate, I'm not sure 
we want it in the catchcups at svgcoat, however -- what do you think, 
Mahnaz?)  I think we should also ask for application notes/procedure to 
go along with this -- if we should ever get around to posting approved 
chemicals/procedures like this, it would be helpful to have info on hand.

What does everyone else think?


Ben Chui wrote:

> Hello,
>   I'd like to submit an approval request for AP410, an adhesion
> promoter for use with photoresist on metals.  This chemical (a liquid)
> is sold in 4-ounce bottles and kept at room temperature.  It's used as
> a spin-on layer like typical adhesion promoters.
>   The MSDS is enclosed.
> Thanks,
> Ben Chui
> A.M. Fitzgerald and Associates

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