Specmat request for AP410 adhesion promoter

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at stanford.edu
Fri Aug 18 14:34:22 PDT 2006

Ben Chui wrote:

> Hello,
>   I'd like to submit an approval request for AP410, an adhesion
> promoter for use with photoresist on metals.  This chemical (a liquid)
> is sold in 4-ounce bottles and kept at room temperature.  It's used as
> a spin-on layer like typical adhesion promoters.
>   The MSDS is enclosed.
> Thanks,

> Ben Chui

> A.M. Fitzgerald and Associates

Hello Ben,

I have ok ed the material while back and I do have some for lab supply.
The instructions are
Use headway or Laurell
Spin up the wafers up to 5000 rpm for 30 second  give it a minute or two 
(  NO BAKE is required)
and proceed with  the rest of your process. works like a charm.
If you have ordered your own, please come and get a yellow label and a 
bar code from me or Ed.


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