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Wed Aug 23 09:43:44 PDT 2006

Thank you Mahnaz, I appreciate that.
We should not have any problem with an SU-8 like process, except that we may want to pattern it in oxygen plasma (maybe drytek 4?).


Mahnaz Mansourpour <mahnaz at> wrote:           Hi Erhan,
 I am forwarding your email to specmat committee, we have ok teflon use in the past to be spun only  on headway and the same treatment of SU8 meaning that do not use any of litho cassette and ...etc.
 Let see if Ed has more info on this as he is the one who keeps track of the data base.
 Erhan Ata wrote:
 Hi Mahnaz,
 Yes you've send me an email. I was busy with other stuff and also needed some real recipe for the process. 
 Here's what I got from a user of teflon AF2400;
1, Clean and dehydrate the substrate;
2, Spin at 3000PRM for 30 seconds (1% Teflon resin ~ 1000A);
3, Dry at room temperature for 15 minutes;
4, Bake in Inert Gas Blue Oven: 110C for 10 minutes -> 245C for 5 
minutes -> 330C for 15 minutes.
 After this step we would also like do an oxygen plasma etch (using resist as a mask).
 There's also a lower temperature version AF 1600 (240-275 degrees). At this stage I'm really not sure whether any of these will work for us, however we hired a new engineer who've some experience with teflon and we're considering his ideas.
 Attached are two PDF files, "product info" and "safety in handling and use".
 I just want to learn how do you feel of such materials, and was wishing somebody have used them in SNF in the past.
 I was planning to be at SNF tomorrow, but it seems I have to attent too  many meetings nowadays. Two today, three tomorrow.
   Mahnaz Mansourpour <mahnaz at> wrote:        
 Hi Erhan,
 I am not sure if I had send out an email or not? called old age??/
 What is your process step?
 That is important to know.
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