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My wife was dressed, so Iwent to get ready.
He was out, so I left word with his wife, whois a charming little person.
Really, the monastic state must havebeen like going to prison for him. To go to Egypt where he says he can earn some, I replied briefly. The Prior was justhurrying somewhere, following his long fine nose.
So we talked about it, and discussed it carefully, andhe unwillingly promised to tackle it again.
It was offered topublishers in London, but rejected.
How did he pay his bill at the SanDomenico? Well, it seems the hotel people applied to the police.
He says alwaysit is coming, it is coming, to-day, to-morrow, to-day, to-morrow. But Ive got no money, and never havehad any.
Lower down a strapping girlwas watching three merino sheep among the bushes. Round the eyes he wasyellow and tired and nervous.
We shall have him on ourhands all our life. He washandsome in his rage, lifting his brows and suddenly smiling:Ma senta, Signore!
I knew they wouldnt ask for a deposit oranything.
He is only an acquaintance of mine, not a friend.
At last I said:I dont want to go, and I tell you. He paused a moment, and looked round cautiously.
And my wife, poverina, she cries and says if the man has nomoney he must eat. Of course, if youre so sure, he laughed, putting his hand on myarm. If there is no profoundblood-sympathy, I know the mental friendship is trash.
The Prior was justhurrying somewhere, following his long fine nose. He waited on the stairs, and I went down.
He cameforward and took my hand warmly, clingingly.
Is it true that a letter came which the post would not deliver?
That evening and when I went to bed and when I woke inthe morning I read this manuscript. For his mindlessness I would have chosen the peasant:and for his strong blood-presence.
You must get out of the San Domenico, I said. We came to the foot of the hill, on to the townhighroad. Then he turned aside his face, overcome with tears. Of course it meansputting physical things aside.
Its no goodyour thinking I can advance money on the manuscripts. 
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