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And you were right in it when the water came?
Except for Nelsons occasionalshout to the horses they drove in silence.
A mile or two from Amundsens place they passed a lonely schoolhouse in the bush.
We might come along, Nelson suggested, and tramp it back. Nelson could not forbear a smile; but Mrs.
And he reached for a Bible on the window-shelf.
I understood, Amundsen argued without the least embarrassment,you shot the rabbit on my place.
Olga looked after them from the door when they crossed the yard.
That makes seven feet of water, Lund admired. Whenever Nelson and Niels were alone, the latter asked questions.
The floor was unpainted, splintered up to analarming degree, its cracks filled with earth and dirt.
Yes, scrubbing floors, Lund mumbled spitefully.
Noneof the silks to-day; but no sheep-skin, either.
The girl did not sit down with themen but ate while standing at the range. The two men went deeper anddeeper and found no water.
If we canonly send him to the Agricultural College. The names went past hisear in bewilderment.
The last few words had filled them with the exhilarationof a confession of faith.
And here he is in debt again to the tune of some two thousanddollars.
Niels watched her as he had watched Ellen.
They say hes worked her to death, Nelson said. Nelson smoked a pipe;Amundsen partook of a dram; Niels declined both tobacco andschnapps.
Even Lund awoke from his contemplative lethargy and was on his feetin an incredibly short time. Make some money and take up a homestead, Isuppose  There was ostentation andexaggeration about their meeting. The girl did not sit down with themen but ate while standing at the range.
Here, there were big trees which any one could fell for firewood. Nelson, too, had straightened and looked at Niels, grinning.
Noneof the silks to-day; but no sheep-skin, either. But when I go home, I stand on myown soil; and no debts worry me. Ivebrushed and cleared three acres in summer.
Well, he said very quietly, as if he were blessing everything, Ihave located the well. Well, he said, I guess we betterget started. Neither did she seem to take any noticeof the guests.
Thank the Lord, now the haulingand snow-melting is over at last!
Without his being conscious of it she intrigued Niels. They backed the wagon up to the shack and unhitched the horses.
Lots of people inthis country buy without a cent of money. 
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