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There is a 1" ITO target for the Metallica. A few ITO runs were done in
the Metallica using the rf supply when the rf supply was first set up. 
After these first RF runs, I do not recall anymore ITO runs being done. 
ITO can be deposited using DC sputtering. If he deposited ITO in our 
lab, it was likeld done in the Metallica using Dc.


On Mon, 28 Aug 2006, Mary Tang wrote:
> Hi all --
> I just heard a phone message from a former labmember (John Shuck?) who 
> is now at LLNL and would like to deposit ITO on coverslips just like he 
> used to do while post-doc'ing here.  So, I take it this was previously 
> approved?  (I don't recall this in recent SpecMat history.)  What 
> machine and process?
> Mary

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