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Sunset and spring and new-fledged greenery were no miracle toScarlett.
And, cominglightly up the steps, he had kissed her hand.
Still there was no sign of Gerald on the quiet winding road.
And besides, Missy,what are you doing out here without your shawl? She ain never whar she does nobody no good. Moreover, Scarlett and her father were bound together by a mutualsuppression agreement. Instinct stronger than reason and knowledge born ofexperience told her that he loved her. Scarlett had never seen her mothers back touch the back ofany chair on which she sat. She could not endure the suspenseanother moment.
Now that I think ofit, tis strange youve been recently.
And he stood alone in his interest in books and music andhis fondness for writing poetry. Her heart was too sore to carewhether or not she put her father in a temper. You ain got no mo manners dan a feel han, an after MissEllen an me done labored wid you. And Idont mean that Ashley would run off with another woman, if youwere his wife, or beat you.
He had already forgottenScarletts heartbreak and his mind was only on plaguing his valet.
And now,for the first time in her life, she was facing a complex nature. OHara, there is illness at the Slattery house.
Gerald OHara was coming home across country and attop speed.
No onewould ever have the temerity to think of Gerald OHara as aridiculous little figure.
Her heart was too sore to carewhether or not she put her father in a temper. 
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