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The voice of the gray, sunken-templed clergymansharpened with indignation for a second.
The earth was shut off from him by a wall ofroar and speed.
In the speeding car he meditated: Lets see. Gilread snatches of Stevenson and Anatole France; then at last he readhis own poetry.
Day from now, the strain will begin to kind of get me.
Hes adried-up old stick but he comes from the East.
>From their eyes was purged all the meanness of daily grinding.
The young woman giggled, and asked idiotic questions aboutSociety Folks in the South, till Mr. What makes you think I come from the West? He would see quite enough of Roy Bender andthe car before he reached New York. Itseemed to him that the blue silk of her waist took life from thewarm and eager flesh beneath. A lot of people,especially on newspapers, give me a lot of taffy just because I candrive fast.
The corner by the bow window seemed tobe a shrine.
Im going to steal a whole Decoration Dayparade.
The second waspreparing to leave, as he lumbered up to the door.
Eats here, he muttered to the manin the passenger seat. Greenwood, son, he blared, and the stableman made haste.
Nervous footsteps were crossing the porch, coming along the gravelwalk.
Gale to assure her that there would be a decorating of the graves,though the comrades were gone. He wouldbe more interesting to her if he could gossip of her ancestralbackground. A shouting crowd ran out from house and store.
He come straight from the Cape VerdeIslands.
Maybe youve heard about us Southern fire-eaters, heh? Get him, and get the other good man, and get busy.
Im getting over that liquor, and Im ugly, son,powerful ugly. Galewas from the pine belt of Alabama but he did not resemble the stageSoutherner.
He wouldbe more interesting to her if he could gossip of her ancestralbackground. Besides, its only the shank of theevening. Zenas Rivers came over onthe brig Jennie B.
But land, Zenas right name was Fernao Ribeiro. Greenwood, son, he blared, and the stableman made haste. My dads got a greatbig phonograph and seventy records. It occurs to me that youare a new audience for my stories. He turned away with ameasured calmness that was more panicky than a stumbling retreat. The Ghetto will be awake by now, said Gil. At the end was a wild-grape arbor and anancient bench.
Knute was sensitive tothe lowered key of their Indian-summer madness, and he hastilyrose. 
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