SDI Semiconductor Sales List- December 2006

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Dear Customers and Friends,

At, surplus semiconductor equipment demands are growing every day.  We have buyers looking for the items listed below and we ask for your help.  If you have any of these items, please contact one of our sales teams in Italy, Israel, Ireland or the USA.
Our website receives a constant flow of traffic from buyers all over the world.  If you have ANY items you would like to sell, please let us know.
We are currently re-organising the website, and a new categorised listing format has now been adopted that is running alongside our existing list format, along with a new "BIG LIST" with EVERYTHING on it (Please note that it will take a month or so before all the equipment on our database has been re-assigned to the new categories.).
Search boxes and other improvements in the user interface will appear over the coming months.

ADE     9500 or 9700, dual cassette       
Agilent HP        HP94000           
Applied Materials         Mirra 3400         
Applied Materials         Mirra Mesa oxide           
Applied Materials ?       Centura 5200 EPI with HTF         
Applied Materials ?       Endura "as is"    
ASML ?            PAS 5500 1100 or 1150 B OR C 
ASML ? I-line steppers (Models like 150, 200 etc.)
ATCOR Box washer, any model
AXCELIS / Eaton GSD 200 Implanter                  
AXCELIS / FUSION Gemini        
Complete line 5 inch
Complete line 6 inch
Complete line 8 inch
Credence Personal Kalos
Despatch - Ovens      
Disco DAD321
Disco DFG841  
DMS     1500 Reticle stocker, 6 inch Nikon boxes            
DNS     AS2000 
Electroglas       4090     
Electroglas EG2001X
FSI       mercury mp       
Gasonics L3510 ashers.  We also have refurbished L3510s for sale.
Hitachi  S-9260  
Hitachi  S-9260 WITH DUAL SMIF           
KARL SUSS      ACS 300           
KARL SUSS      MA 300 
KLA      2365     
KLA-Tencor M-GAGE 300
KLA     SP1-TBI with 4 load ports          
KLA     UV1280 WITH DUAL SMIF 8 inch
KLA     SL3-UV Reticle inspection
KME     CM202D
Kokusai Apogee            
Leica INS300
Leica INS3000
Lumonics GSI   WaferMark Sigma DSC 100-200 MM       
Mattson Aspen 2 for rebuild                                           
Nicolet  ECO 1000                    
Oxford 80 Plus RIE for rebuild               
RION LPD any model                
SEMIGEAR       GENEVA STP300 300MM          
SEMITOOL        4400 300 MM SRD        
SEMITOOL SAT, 6 INCH                                      
Thermo Scientific          KeyTek ZapMaster         
Watkins-Johnson           WJ 999R APCVD

Items we have for sale can be found via our website or by
click on the following links.

Equipment Owned by SDI:-

Complete Equipment list in Alphabetical order

Best Regards,


Mike Murehead
SDI Fabsurplus LLC
Tel. 512-635-8027
E-mail Mike at
Skype ID: sditexas
Fax 801-217-6104

Randall Copeland
SDI Fabsurplus LLC
Beaverton, Oregon
Phone: 503-523-7027
Fax: 801-217-6104
support at

Stephen Howe
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Srl
Napoli 80123, Italy
Mobile: Italy (39) 335 710 7756
(Note from Steve: I am in Japan until 12th December.
Please contact me via mobile phone +81-80-3468-1843
Fax Italy (39) 066 051 33 44
info at
Skype: stephencshowe

Oliver Dunne
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland Limited
Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 38804
Mobile: Ireland (353) 872 985 561
Fax: Ireland (353) 4694 86893
Ollie.Dunne at
Skype: sdiireland

Michael Fortune
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland Ltd
Phone: +353469431951
Cell:  +3530879150198
Email: michael.fortune at 

Agents in Israel: Keshet-Dasco
Eli Dassa and Ronen Cohen

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