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Chris Earhart cearhart at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 01:19:11 PST 2006

Dear SpecMat committee,

I am requesting approval to use test wafers which I will clean in Prof.
Wang's lab for use with Drytek2.  Please let me know when you have decided
on this issue.  I am hoping to do this early next week.  Below is my



1.  Contact info: Chris Earhart, cearhart at stanford.edu, 831-594-9189

2. Material: Si test wafers obtained from SNF, cleaned and coated with layer
of polystyrene nanospheres at Prof Wang's Lab.

3. Vendor: SNF Stockroom

4.Reason for request: During my final procedure, I plan to use SiO2-Si
wafers obtained from SNF staff, per my procedure outlined in my approved
specmat request.  However, rather than use prime wafers with SiO2, I would
like to establish my polystyrene etch rates with test wafers.  I am also
curious what happens to the morphology of the Si underneath the polystyrene
spheres, in absence of a SiO2 layer.  I was unable to locate a cleaning
procedure for new Si wafers obtained from SNF prior to use with Drytek 2.

5. My procedure is as follows:

1.  Obtain Si test wafers from SNF.
2.  Sonicate wafers in acetone, isopropanol, and DI water in glassware that
has not been exposed to any metals or other impurities.  Glassware will be
covered during sonication.
3.  Spincoating PS spheres onto substrates.
4.  Transfer of wafers to SNF, etching with Drytek2 to establish etching
rates of PS spheres.

6. Amount: 4-6 wafers

7. Storage: Wafers will be stored at SNF prior to polystyrene deposition.
Afterwards they will be disposed of.

8.  Disposal: Wafers will be disposed according to our lab practices at
Prof. Wang's lab.


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