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Hi Mike --

As we discussed, please do send a SpecMat request, just to make sure we 
close the loop on this.  In my own, personal opinion, these things 
should be fine -- pentacene is fine, as long as any solvents have been 
removed; cured PDMS is generally fine, as long as temperatures don't get 
too hot.   (I'm afraid I don't know  and can't say anything about Ru in 
the innotec.)  But other SpecMat committee members should weigh in on 
this as well.  Please submit a standard SpecMat request, using the 
questions here as a guideline:

Do you plan to deposit pentacene in your own lab?


Mang-Mang Ling wrote:

>Hi Jeannie:
> I've just talked with Dr. Mary Tang. She told me that organic
>semiconductors such is pentacene is fine for Innotech, so is cured PDMS.
>Just want to get your opionion, too. If it were OK with you, then I'll
>order Ru (7cc) as starter material, and get help from you to be trained.
> --- Sincerely, Mike
>Quoting Jeannie Perez <nperez at>:
>>Give me a specific name of the organic film. You can use photo resist
>>as long as it is hardbaked prior to deposition, you can use
>>polyimide  tape (single sided paste) or Kapton tape ( double sided
>>Let me know if you have any question or just stop by my office.
>>At 09:18 AM 2/24/2006, you wrote:
>>>Hi Jeannie:
>>>For Ru metal deposition,can we use substrates with organic
>>>semiconductor films or PDMS in the Innotec
>>>evaporator? Thanks.
>>> --- Sincerely, Mike

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