Etching equipment for devices containing platinum

Elizabeth Ann Hager-Barnard lizhb at
Fri Jan 6 12:38:44 PST 2006


	My name is Lizzie Hager-Barnard and I'm a first year graduate  
student in Materials Sci. and Eng., working for Prof. Nick Melosh.   
(My SNF username is lizhb.)  I am trying to find an appropriate  
procedure for making trenches in my devices, which are layered  
silicon devices.  Specifically, my devices consist of SiO2, platinum,  
and SU-8 layers on silicon wafers.  (The trenches need to go through  
all of these materials.)  Since my devices contain platinum, I  
understand that they cannot be processed on any equipment classified  
as clean or semi-clean.  This poses a problem for me, as my advisor  
believes that a chlorine-based gas would be best for etching  
platinum, and all etching equipment using this type of gas is  
classified as clean or semi-clean, as far as I'm aware.
	I spoke to Ms. Nancy Latta yesterday and she advised that I used the  
MRC etcher.  However she also suggested that I contact SpecMat to  
confirm the acceptability and effectiveness of this equipment for my  
device.  If you could advise me as to what etcher would be best in my  
situation, and let me know any steps that I need to take to make sure  
my procedure is acceptable, I would appreciate it.  If you have  
further questions about my produce, please feel free to contact me.   
I may be contacted at lizhb at or at (650)326-3844.

	Thank you for your help,

	Lizzie Hager-Barnard

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