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PI: Zhenan Bao (chemical engineering)

common name: PDMS
Chemical name: poly(dimethylsiloxane)

MSDS attached.

Storage group identifier: G
Main hazard class: 11

Dow Corning

Reason for request:
There is not an aligner outside of SNF that is of reasonable quality to use.

Process flow:
Thin PDMS films (~1um) will be spun onto doped Si wafers, which will 
then be cured into its elastomer form. This will be followed by 
photoresist. The resist will then be exposed and dissolved. The aligner 
will therefore never be directly exposed to the PDMS. Although it is 
preferred to spincoat the PDMS in SNF, this is not absolutely necessary, 
and therefore the PDMS would only be present in cured form.

PDMS is formed by adding a base of monomers to a palladium catalyst 
mixture is a 10:1 w/w mixture. This is then mixed 1:4 w/w in tri
chloroethylene solvent for spin-coating. Less than 10mL at a time will 
be necessary to bring into SNF. (If PDMS spincoating is done outside of 
lab, PDMS would only be present in solid, cured form).

I will not require SNF storage.

This product is highly inert, and will be transported out of SNF and 
disposed of elsewhere using standard EH&S procedures.

Thank you,
Colin Reese

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