Request for Outside sample in P5000 Ch A

Jim McVittie mcvittie at
Wed Jan 18 16:30:04 PST 2006

Hi Eric,

The biggest issue for pieces in the P5000 is how to hold them onto a carrier wafer.  In
the past, using resist to attach pieces has not worked well in the P5000. Using
doubleside Carbon tape with resist on the edges has worked but it is a real pain to get
off all the residue from the carbon tape. I believe one of the students worked out a
process using doubleside tape adhersive without the tape. Let me check on the details
for this last method. Polymide tape over the edges is possible but I am trilled with
using it since I have no spec onj how clean it is.


Eric Perozziello wrote:

> Dear Specmat
> A company (WOSTEC) has requested to run a small, 1 cm square
> piece in the P5000 Ch A (Metal etch).  The piece is produced outside,
> but in a CMOS-type laboratory in Russia.
> They have completed the TOF SIMS analysis on this sample
> (attached).
> The SIMS was performed on three spots on the sample.
> As you'll see, two of the spots looks quite good,
> and one spot (#2) looks marginal.
> Had the analysis been done with TXRF, an average would be
> measured over the 1cm area.  Also, the piece will only be
> about 1/75th of the total wafer area.  The remainder of the
> area would be a clean silicon dummy wafer (probably oxidized).
> As usual, they are in a big hurry to get something, or
> to find out if this is going to be possible here.
> Many thanks for the consideration,
> -Eric
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