Fwd: ALD deposition on Pt

Paul Rissman rissman at stanford.edu
Thu Jan 19 08:39:49 PST 2006

Hi Phil,

We have a meeting (specmat) which focuses on ensuring cleanliness in the 
appropriate tools.  The ald is classified as a "clean" tool since people 
want to do gate dielectric work in the tool.  I raised your process since 
there was some concern about the platinum in the tool.  One issue that came 
up (you can see below) is that they would like you to get TXRF on the 
incoming film.  We don't want to delay your processing - can you get that done?



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>To: rissman at stanford.edu
>From: Ed Myers <edmyers at stanford.edu>
>Subject: ALD deposition on Pt
>An issue was raised at our last SpecMat meeting I was hoping you could 
>help us with.  There is a request from Phil Barth from Agilent Labs to 
>deposit Al2O3 on a Pt coated wafer in our ALD system.  The ALD tool is 
>classified as a clean tool, since it's primary use is for gate dielectric 
>stacks.  Pt is classified as a SemiClean B material, which is from a lower 
>cleanliness category and should not be processed in our clean 
>equipment.  The second question is, what is the history of the wafer.  In 
>order for a wafer from the outside to be processed in our clean equipment 
>set the wafer either must come from an approved CMOS compatible facility 
>or have TXRF data to substantiate the level of metallic contaminates.
>I don't have an email address for Phil and I was hoping you could forward 
>this email to him.  I would like to discuss with Phil the concerns raised 
>during the SpecMat meeting.

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