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Rob Candler (RTC) robert.candler at
Mon Jan 23 13:34:10 PST 2006

  I am interested in processing a wafer with a thin (< 100 nm) silicon
carbide film in 'clean' equipment groups in SNF.  The film will be deposited
at the Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center.  I understand that chemical
analyses need to be performed to assess any level of contamination during
the process.  To get things going I am arranging for a VPD-ICP-MS test to be
performed, and I have a few questions:

1) What is the general process for getting wafers with thin-film coatings
into the lab?  Is there a general 'clean' certification that can be
attained, or is it more machine specific?
2) Is there a preferred vendor for the contamination test?
3) What are the threshold levels for contamination for each of the elements
of interest
4) My current vendor offers two tests which give concentrations of different
sets of elements

Test 1:  analyzes concentration of Al, Ca, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Na, Ni, Mg, and Zn
Test 2:  analyzes ocncentration of Ca, K, Na, Al, Fe, Cr, Cu, Ni, Zn, Li,
Be, Mg, V, Mn, Co, Ga, Sr, Zr, Mo, Cd, Sn, Sb, Ba, Ti, Rb, In Ce, Th, Y, and

Is test 1 sufficient, or is test 2 preferred?


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