Pt and ALD

Ed Myers edmyers at
Wed Jan 25 15:49:28 PST 2006

SpecMat members,

I have done some searching regarding the request from Phil Barth to run Pt 
through the ALD system.  The communications I found do not show Intel 
running metals through the system.  I did find a series of request for 
running Pd-Si-O in some of our clean equipment.  If we do allow Phil to run 
Pt in the ALD, it most likely will be the first SemicleanB material in the 

I looked up the deep levels for Pt.  They are similar to W, which is one of 
our 3 acceptable metals (Al, Ti and W).  The deep levels are:

0.25 and 0.39, acceptors and 0.18 and 0.30, donors

Tungsten is: 0.22, 0.30, 0.37, 0.55, acceptors and 0.31 and 0.34, donors. 
(of course these values depend on which data you use)

My recommendation is we allow noble metals such as Pt and Pd (not gold) in 
to the ALD.


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