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Please provide the information that is requested here (send as an email 
to specmat at snf.stanford.edu):


You will need to think carefully about how you plan to carry out your 
experiments.  If you need help, contact a staff member or send an email 
to SpecMat.  If at all possible, please provide MSDS info in electronic 
format as we are trying to assemble an online database.  Let us know if 
you have further questions.



Saeroonter Oh wrote:

>I have two materials from Emulsitone.
>One is Phosphorosilicafilm 5e20, and the other Borofilm 100.
>Both of them are used for spin-on dopants.
>(By the way, is there a way to spin these things on in the fab?)
>What procedure do I need to go through to bring these chemicals
>into the lab?
>Thank you very much,
>Saeroonter Oh

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